Are you taking your company in the direction you initially intended or simply need some help to achieve your desired results?

C-Anax can help.  We are dedicated to building successful businesses in any industry by empowering entrepreneurs to achieve a high level of excellence.  

The word "Anax" is Greek for king or lord.  The "C" in front of Anax simply stands for CEO, President, CFO, COO,  CIO, CCO or VP level entrepreneurs focused in building a business fit for a king or lord.

We know how challenging it is to build, start a business or acquire venture capital or investors.  Startup or early stage companies require dedicated support with a specific knowledge base.  These companies have a great difficulty engaging the right persons or performing the key tasks to start or grow a business.  Companies not based in the US have similar issues but, require special needs to simply enter the immense US market.



C-Anax is a small, lean and flexible venture & advisory company that helps organizations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial modeling.  The focus is to pinpoint the key issues and concerns.  Convince ownership to confront problems and it's real costs.  Then, assist client management in developing and implementing the necessary programs, methods and procedures which will result in improved sales, profits, investor readiness and organizational effectiveness.

With vast international and US strategic and financial business expertise, we offer fractional CFO services, international company US formation services, financial modeling, pitch deck creation, strategic consulting, merger & acquisition analysis, investor relations, project management and implementation solutions.   Some specific focus examples include: sales, product management, business planning, business plans, venture capital sourcing, financial modeling, website review, and risk / capital management.  If you area of concern is not listed, please contact us to discuss.   



Financial Modeling Expertise

Love to teach

Take the time to learn your specific business

 Great contacts

CEO will personally work with your company

Small & nimble firm

Great entrepreneur mindset - help launch a business

Great strategic, business and financial expertise

Innovative thinking

Fulfill expertise in areas not supported by staff

 Implementation and project management expertise