C-Anax works on-site with clients to help them move beyond recommendations and pilots—to achieve long-term improvement and measurable bottom-line results. We help strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices, and in particular, we build capabilities through rigorous and supportive coaching. Our pyramid focus (see the diagram below) focus on key steps to effective ensure an implementation success.  

  • These are the key points for implementation best practices:  
    • Survey – Readiness, or the need for resources, is assessed by an Implementation Team.  The functions of surveying are a critical starting point. Exploration saves time and money, and improves the chances for achievement. 
    • Set-up - Helps your organization secure the needed resources for the work ahead and prepares staff for the new practices. Identifying sources, selecting staff for training and coaching, providing initial training for staff, finding or establishing performance assessment tools, locating office space, assuring access to materials and equipment, and so on are among the critical resources that need to be in place before work can effectively commence.
    • Preliminary Implementation – Using newly acquired skills. This is the most delicate stage where the discomfort associated with new practices and procedures, and the inherent challenges of changing old and deeply entrenched ways, can lead to frustration, low morale, and the desire to give up and return to the previous and more“comfortable” routines (business as usual). 
    • Full Implementation is reached when over 50% of the intended staff are using an effective measuring system and achieving quantifiable good outcomes.